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Financing with Marlin Equipment Finance

Effective cash flow management is an extremely important element to a successful business of any size.  Equipment financing offers business owners a means to acquire equipment based on an operating budget - not based on capital or cash on hand.

Equipment financing is an option which enables any business to acquire new equipment or upgrade existing equipment while avoiding the inefficiencies of obsolescence.  Financing also means postponing the ultimate purchase decision for a piece of equipment until the end of the financing term.

Additional Benefits

Tax Treatment- The tax incentives for purchasing new equipment have never been greater.  By taking advantage of a lease to purchase option, the amount you save in taxes could be greater than what you pay in the first year of the lease.  New equipment could make your company money from day one!

100% Financing- Since a lease often doesn't require a down payment, it's equivalent to 100% financing.

Flexibility- As organizations grow and needs change, you may need to add or upgrade equipment at any point during the financing term.

Asset Management- Financing provides the use of equipment for specific periods of time at fixed payments.  The financing company assumes and manages the risk of equipment ownership.  At the end of term, if you elect to return the equipment, the financing company is responsible for the disposition of the asset.

Flexible End of Term Options- There are typically three flexible options at the end of a term.  You can return the equipment, purchase the equipment from the finance company or extend the financing for an additional period of time.



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